Our seminars are set up to meet the specific needs of a group of like individuals.  In the past, they have included:

*College Graduates (i.e., Graduating Class of XYZ University)

*Employees of Specific Company (i.e., ABC Corp. Employees)

*Members of a Specific Profession (i.e., Teachers)

*Employees of Specific Organization (i.e., LA County Firefighters)

Typically, the subject matter of our seminars includes two parts:

General retirement investment discussion (i.e, simplifying key attributes of retirement investing)

Targeted retirement education (i.e., focused on the LA County Firefighters pension and 401k)

And lastly, all our presentations come with:

Enthusiasm (To get the audience fired up!),

A Layman’s Approach (Ensure everyone is comfortable with the topic in the end), and

Entertaining (The only way to get people to remember what you talked about!)

Contact us today to learn how we can assist your group in taking the first steps to getting on the right path to retirement success!

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